Here you can find the sources to uade and links to several binary packages for download. We suggest you use the latest version from our version control server.
Latest source package:



Older source packages:

UADE 1 source packages:

Git version control server
To sync UADE sources, use Git:

$ git clone

libbencodetools is also needed to compile it:

$ git clone

Binary packages:

Cygwin on Windows:

Stephen Dowse's PGP fingerprint (and key): Stephen Dowse (OddbOd) Key fingerprint = F4CA 1FB7 3A48 D363 C8D1 F3BB A49D 6EF4 62C9 460A

RSYNC/git server for Amiga chip songs
A public rsync server for various Amiga chip songs (over 8000 files or about 300 MiBs of data):

$ rsync -avz /local/path/

rsync does easy and fast updates for the collection. rsync only transfers new or changed bits. Therefore bandwidth is not wasted, and updates are fast.

Alternatively, you can use git for syncing the collection:

$ git clone git://

And after the first clone, you can do incremental updates just by running:

$ cd chip
$ git pull


2005-11-22, UADE team

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