Bad boy

Current age:
21 fucking years old (back in 1992, when this interview for In Medias Res #1 was conducted. Waiting for new reply.-Ed)

What was your first computer and when did you get it?
First computer was an commodore 64 at age 14...

Groups you've been in:
Reflex, Trilogy and last Paradox

The proudest moment in your career:
I don't know, I have seen the light and got burnt...

Most loved/hated person(s)/group(s):
Hated: The police
Loved: I can't remember, long time no see

What are you doing nowadays?
Well, I am working in a company were I am repairing computers (PC's lazer printers, normal printers, monitors and shit like that).

Favorite beer:
Carlsberg Beer

Free comment:
Special greetings to ??? (I don't remember so good anymore...)