Handle: Ixion

How did you come up with your alias ?
Well, at first I'd choosen another handle which I discovered later was in use by some other dude. I got angry and selected a name that would be 100% unique. Ixion was a king in greek mythology that had to pay for his mistakes: chained to a wheel in hell (hades?) foreveer.

City / Country:
Västerås / Linköping / Sweden

Born year:

What was your first computer, and when did you get it?
A '64. Convinced mom that I needed it for homework.

How did you get into the scene and what groups have you been a member of ?
Bought the first programs from a pirate (a local TV dealer). Started collecting programs, people and contacts. Formed 'THE PACT' with too much lamers, got rid of them and formed 3001 with three of them. and contacts until an idea flashed up from hell: outta three groups in three locations we formed the Triad.

What was the proudest moment in your career ?
It was almost time to die, when the original people started to leave. Almost no crackers left... Then I spit on the grave and called some old friends/enemies and they signed up! (Pinge & Janitor from WCC.) Triad was still on the top.

For what specific reason(s) do you think that you are remembered ?
Former of Triad.

What would you like to be remembered for ?
For my superpowers and the women I screwed.

What made you stop the scene activity ? (and do you remember when?)
1988. I was tired of all new guys from kindergarden. Things became too easy and booring. Became vicious.

Thinking back on the good old days, is there anything you regret?
Just that old friends had to split.

What was your favorite
Boulder dash and Shamus.
Never found a trainer on that fuckin' Shamus.
Could anyone send it to me?

Those with great music.

Jeff Minter.

SCC, 1001 and the comptetition of Fairlight


Danish Gold's party (the first big one in the history) in Odense. The disaster on another party in Denmark, when a fat and drunk member of Hotline wasted the place, set it on fire and blamed us. We were wanted by the police for a while...

Bloody mary.

What are you doing nowadays ?
Hacking operative systems and compilers.

What are you doing on your spare time?
Experimenting and investigating my old PC's. Watching satellite tv (Star Trek).

Is there anything you'd like to say to the public (read: admires)
Get a 64 emulator for your PC, copy some old stuff to a cassette tape, connect it to your soundblaster, load it and get stoned.

What is the meaning of life?
Never answer these kind'a questions, then your a fake!