3D (Dator Destruction Department)

Current age:
21 years (back in 1992, when this interview for In Medias Res #1 was conducted. Lost Jonas' address.-Ed)

What was your first computer and when did you get it?
Spectrum 48K

Groups you've been in:

The proudest moment in your career:
Some intressents urges on a limitation of my integrity. They should get the hell out of it. (Paraphrase of G.Sträng)

Most loved/hated person(s)/group(s):
Horizon forever, Horizon forever! These southlings caused love & hate.

What are you doing nowadays?
Sabbatical year, slaving UNIX on IBM.

Favorite beer:
Lappin kulta.

Free comment:
main(){printf(&unix["\021%six\012\0"],(unix)["have"]+"fun"-0*60;}Ş Mr Korn (On this last row, there should be another statement from 3D, but since we didn't manage to decrypt it, we let it be. -Ed)