jobqueue description

jobqueue is a command line tool for executing jobs in parallel to complete all jobs as fast as possible. It can be used to distribute a set of jobs to a specific number of processors and/or machines (nodes). New jobs are started as completed jobs are finished.' Failed jobs can be automatically restarted. Jobs can be automatically migrated away from failed nodes.

jobqueue reads jobs from a file or standard input. Each line in the input presents a single job to be executed.

jobqueue was used for parallel computation research to evaluate automated task distributing algorithms at TUT with the DCS task mapper tool.


The command
jobqueue -n4 jobfile
executes commands from file 'jobfile' by keeping 4 commands running in parallel. jobqueue completes after all commands have been executed.

Source code

A source code snapshot of jobqueue:

You can get the lastest development version of jobqueue with git:

git clone git://

Copyright information

jobqueue is distributed under public domain. You may use it as you wish.

jobqueue was written by Heikki Orsila.